Списък с игрите, които могат да се играят с True Blue.

Това е списък с игрите, които могат да се играят с True Blue.За момента са 139 като 7 от тях могат да се играят само от записан Blu-ray диск.


? - Не е тествано
BR - Играта може да се играе само от записан Blu-ray
  * Дисковете се записват по специален начин със специална енкрипция.Може да закупите записани дискове от тук.
discless - Играта може да се играе без Blu-ray диск в конзолата
ext - Играта работи от външен USB твърд диск
int - Играта работи от вътрешният твърд диск

US - Пача работи само с американският BLUS/BCUS релийз на играта.
EU - Пача работи само с европейският BLES/BCES релийз на играта.
RF - Пача работи и с двата US и EU релийза на играта.
JP - Пача работи само с японският BLJS/BCJS релийз на играта.


Ace Combat Assault Horizon BLES01392 BLUS30613 BR No Yes Yes 01/01/12 disc, eboot 4/02/12 7.04 TB CFW v2 2.5+ only, not a paradox release, from TB disc
Alice Madness Returns BLES01265 BLUS30607 No Yes Yes 11/18/11 4.20 MI 3443 MB.
Armored Core V BLJM60012 BLES01440 Yes Yes ? JP 2/25/12, EU 4/26/12 4.30 (EU) MI 3483MB, CFW v2 2.5+ JP, CFW v2 2.6+ EUR MI=3566MB. US version will give trophy error (with EU eboot) FIX: Exchange LICDIR\LIC.DAT, TROPDIR\NPWR03050_00\TROPHY.TRP (EU = NPWR03067_00), PS3_DISC.SFB (Edit the gameID to BLES01440) with equivalent EU Files.
Assassin's Creed Revelations BLES01467 BLUS30905 Yes See Note Yes 12/03/11 15.60 Delete PKGDIR (AC 1) in PS3_GAME to play on ext (or int), saves over 7GB of space. MI 3811 MB.
Asuras Wrath BLES01227 No Yes Yes 2/25/12 7.15 MI=1159 MB, CFW v2 2.5+
Atelier Meruru The Apprentice of Arland BLJM60348 ? Yes Yes 12/10/11 9.30  
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland BLUS30735 Yes Yes Yes 12/06/11 4.35  
Batman: Arkham City BLES00926 BLUS30538 BR No Yes See Note eboot 4/02/12 7.39 discless doesnt install properly then black screens. Internal sound problems, WORKAROUND: 1. start game w/ ps3 disc, 2. game installs (w/ sound problems), 3. wait until you can control bruce, hold PS button and pick turn off system, 4. start ps3 and do steps 1 & 2 again, game installs again sound fixed (tested BLES and BLUS). Not a paradox eboot, TROPHY PROBLEM The fix: install Rebug 3.55 (NOT TB REBUG 3.55.2), make a new backup in multiman w/ ORIGINAL DISC, apply PARADOX patch, Re-install TB CFW v2, update 2.5+ (this seems to be a problem w/ 2 consoles types), MI=1601 MB, CFW v2 2.5+
Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrows BLJM60408 Yes Yes Yes 2/19/12   CFW v2 update 2.5+
Binary Domain BLES01211 Yes Yes Yes 3/04/12 12.01 MI 3750, delete advertise_jp.sfd in USRDIR/movie and in USRDIR/sound delete se_xx.par(s), stream_xx.cpk(s) not in your language (xx denotes a language) to gain a little over 4GB of space. CFW v2 2.5+
Birds of Steel BLES01397 Yes Yes ? 3/19/12 6.30 MI=3187, cfw v2, 2.5+ update
Blades of Time BLES01395 BLUS30833 Yes Yes ? 3/19/12 2.24 MI 1696MB, CFW v2, 2.5+ update
Blazblue Continuum Shift BLUS30576 Yes No Yes 2/19/12 7.40 CFW v2 update 2.5+
Bleach Soul Ignition BCJS30077 Yes Yes Yes 12/16/11    
Bleach Soul Resurreccion BLUS30769 Yes Yes Yes 11/18/11 3.89  
Bodycount BLES01314 BLUS30562 Yes Yes Yes 12/03/11 4.88 MI None.
Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2012 BLUS30843 Yes Yes Yes 11/19/11 3.61  
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 BLES01429 BLUS30838 Yes Yes Yes 12/03/11 8.02 MI None.
Call of Juarez: The Cartel BLES01352 BLUS30795 Yes Yes Yes 12/06/11 5.25 NFO reads EUR, PARAM is BLUS30795
Captain America: Super Soldier BLES01167 BLUS30642 No Yes Yes 11/17/11 6.23 MI 3931 MB.
Carnival Island BCUS98271 Yes Yes Yes 12/16/11 3.24  
Catherine BLUS30428 Yes Yes Yes 11/17/11 9.87 MI 2306 MB.
Child of Eden BLES01114 See Note See Note See Note 12/06/11 1.12 Won't continue past first level, thoroughly tested paradox fix problem happens with or w/o disc. OTHER OPTION: get Child of Eden PSN exetrimall release
Cursed Crusade, The BLES01299 Yes Yes Yes 12/07/11 6.02  
Darkness 2, The BLUS30743 BLES01388 Yes Yes Yes 3/04/12 5.78 Delete files in Cache.PS3 folder that aren't your language (_it=italian, _es=spanish, etc) to save 1.5GB space, tb cfw v2, 2.5+ update
Dark Souls BLUS30782 BLES01402 Yes Yes Yes 11/18/11 4.63 MI None.
Dead Island BLES00749 BLUS30790 Yes Yes Yes 12/03/11 3.41 MI None.
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record BLUS30763 Yes Yes Yes 12/23/11 5.59 MI 3954MB v2.4+ only.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution BLES01150 BLUS30476 Yes Yes Yes 12/03/11 7.67 (EU), 9.71 (US) MI 2899 MB.
Devil May Cry HD Collection RF BLES01228 No Yes Yes 4/26/12 9.85 DMC 3 won't work with some 3rd party controllers, but it does work with sony controller. 2.6 update+
Dirt 3 BLES01287 Yes Yes Yes 11/16/11 6.17 MI 3377 MB.
Dirt Showdown BLES01578 Yes Yes ? 6/4/12 ? MI=2372MB, TB CFW v2, 2.7+ update.
Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten BR N/A No No     N/A
Disney Universe BR N/A No No      
DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi BLUS30823 Yes Yes Yes 11/17/11 7.50  
Driver: San Fransisco BLES00891 BR Yes Yes Yes 1/25/12 7.44 MI 1231 MB CFW v2 update 2.5+ only
Dungeon Siege 3 BLES01161 See Note Yes Yes 12/03/11 4.06 Discless: black screen rebug ext, works ext TB CFW
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 BLES01301 Yes Yes Yes 11/20/11 7.83  
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim BLES01330 BLUS30778 See Note Yes Yes 11/23/11 10.64 Discless: Reinstalls gamedata everytime ext, int game won't load any further after picking new game, w/ disc works fine. Delete unneeded voice files in DATA folder to save 6GB of space. MI 3408 MB. 1.02 (PARADOX) Update: Works discless on ext and RF.
Eyepet and Friends BCUS98235 Yes No Yes 1/25/12 7.98 file 4GB+ EYEPET.PKF.SDAT 7.4GB. CFW v2 update 2.5+ only
F1 2011 BLES01311 BLUS30772 Yes Yes Yes 11/21/11 5.25 MI 867MB
FEAR 3 BLES00963 BLUS30511 Yes Yes Yes 11/21/11 14.20 MI None.
FIFA 12 BLUS30809 BR Yes Yes Yes 1/25/12 8.94 CFW v2 update 2.5+ only
FIFA Street RF BLES01493 Yes Yes ? 3/19/12 4.70 CFW v2 update 2.5+
Final Fantasy XIII-2 BLJM60382 BLES01269 BLUS30776 Yes ? Yes 3/19/12 14.30 If US version freezes (at Square Enix logo) or black screens it's an issue with original disc backup and true blue. The fix: install Rebug 3.55 or Kmeaw (NOT REBUG TB 3.55.2), make a new backup in multiman on internal, apply PARADOX patch, Re-install TB CFW v2, update 2.5+
Gal Gun BLJM60434 Yes Yes ? 3/04/12 3.56 MI 2788MB, CFW v2 update 2.5+
God of War: Origins BR N/A No No     (Available from DUPLEX PSN for 3.55 CFW/TB Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta individual pkgs)
Golden Eye 007 Reloaded BLES01292 BLUS30755 Yes Yes Yes 11/20/11 6.16 MI 2286 MB.
Grand Slam Tennis 2 RF BLES00709 Yes Yes ? 2/19/12 2.70 CFW v2 update 2.5+
Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters BLES01116 Yes Yes See Note 11/24/11 4.00 Internal: Some users report freezing. MI None.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 BLUS30768 BLES01307 Yes Yes Yes 12/07/11 6.51  
Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 BLJM60992 Yes Yes Yes 3/04/12 3.99 CFW v2 2.5+
Idolmaster 2 BLJM60444 Yes Yes ? 12/06/11    
Jak & Daxter Collection BCUS98281 Yes Yes Yes 2/19/12 7.90 CFW v2 update 2.5+
Janes Advanced Strike Fighters BLUS30333 Yes Yes Yes 2/19/12 1.40 CFW v2 update 2.5+
Just Dance 3 BLES01522 Yes No Yes 12/17/11 22.10 Files 4GB+, JD3.wii.bik.bf0 (8.3GB) and JD3.wii.bik.bf1 (10.6GB)
Kidou Senshi Gundam Extreme VS BLJS10131 Yes See Note Yes 12/10/11 8.40 4gb+ file. Extract stream.psarc to work on external. MI 1372MB.
Kidou Senshi Gundam UC BLJS10154 ? ? ? 3/19/12 4.34 TB CFW v2 2.5+ update
King of Fighters '13, The BLUS30845 Yes Yes Yes 12/07/11 2.76  
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning RF BLES01251 Yes Yes See Note 2/19/12 4.60 CFW v2 update 2.5+, MI 3697 MB, doesnt go past loading screen after game data install on internal, install game data from external to play on internal, delete German and French in USRDIR\content\data\bink to save around 4GB.
Kung Fu Panda 2 BLUS30634 Yes Yes Yes 11/21/11 1.88  
Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 RF BLUS30794 Yes Yes Yes 2/19/12 9.65 CFW v2 update 2.5+
Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean BLES01239 BLUS30744 Yes Yes Yes 12/17/11 7.58 MI None.
Lord of the Rings: War in the North BLES01181 BLUS30421 Yes Yes Yes 11/21/11 10.00  
Madden NFL '12 BLES01320 BLUS30770 Yes Yes Yes 12/06/11 5.12  
Mass Effect 3 BLUS30853 No See Note Yes 3/06/12 13.63 main.psarc needs to be extracted changes game size to 25GB+ (external) not zlib compressed so psarc extractor in ps3crunch library won't work use psarc link in this post (at top), tb cfw v2, 2.5+ update. If on external use PS3Rip (by aldos) to gain 5.6GB of space.
Max Payne 3 BLES00942 BLUS30557 Yes Yes Yes 6/4/12 14.32 MI=5025MB (install takes around an hour on internal compared to 8 minutes on external w/ or w/o disc), some 3rd party controllers wont work, TB CFW v2, 2.7+ update.
Meikyuu Touro Legasista BLJS10157 ? ? ? 4/26/12   2.6 update+
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection BLUS30847 BLES01419 Yes See Note Yes 5/13/12 US 23 GB For external mgs2 & mgs3.psarc have too many files for game to run smoothly. EU INTERNAL works (DO NOT USE paradox US param) use original EU param.sfo let Multiman change to 3.55 or you'll get a black screen. MGS 2 & 3 wont work w/ some 3rd party controllers, 2.62+ update only
Monkey Island Special Edition Collection BLES01413 See Note Yes ? 2/19/12 2.30 Internal requires disc, External is discless, CFW v2 update 2.5+, reinstalls game data each time you load the game.
MUD FIM Motocross World Championship ? Yes Yes ? 5/13/12 2.70 2.62+ update only
Mugen Souls BLJM60456 ? ? ? 5/13/12 4.20 2.62+ update only
Musou Orochi 2 BLJM60147 Yes No Yes 2/19/12 20.20 CFW v2 update 2.5+, 4GB+ LINKDATA.BIN
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations BLJS10156 No Yes ? 3/04/12 7.20 MI 1966MB, CFW v2 2.5+
NBA 2k12 BLUS30830 Yes Yes Yes 11/20/11 8.66  
N.C.I.S. The Game BLES01460 Yes Yes Yes 12/17/11 3.80 MI None.
Need for Speed: The Run BLES01298 BLUS30757 Yes Yes Yes 11/23/11 6.60 MI None.
NeverDead BLUS30654 BLES01303 Yes Yes Yes 2/8/12 6.76 MI None, CFW v2 2.5+
NHL '12 BLES01357 BLUS30791 Yes Yes Yes 12/23/11 7.07 MI None. v2.4+ only.
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch BLJS10150 Yes Yes ? 12/25/11   v2.4+ only.
Ninja Gaiden 3 BLES01524 Yes Yes Yes 5/13/12 2.97 2.62+ update only
No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise BLES01101 BLUS30652 Yes Yes ? 11/21/11 3.28  
Nurarihyon no Mago Hyakki Ryouran Taisen JP Yes Yes ? 12/25/11   MI None. v2.4+ only.
One Piece Kaizoku Musou BLJM60416 Yes Yes ? 3/04/12 9.80 MI 4124MB, CFW v2 2.5+
Order Up BLUS30904 ? ? ? 5/13/12 1.34 CFW v2 2.62+
Phineas & Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension ? Yes Yes ? 2/19/12 16.40 CFW v2 update 2.5+
Portal 2 BLES01222 BLUS30732 No Yes Yes 11/16/11 4.60 MI None. Delete USRDIR/portal2_(language) folders that you don't need to gain up to 1.47GB of space.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 BR N/A No No   7.51  
Prototype 2 BLES01532 BLUS30756 No Yes Yes 5/13/12 8.00 US, 12.30 EU 2.62+ update only
Puss in Boots BLES01240 BLUS30731 Yes Yes Yes 2/8/12 4.49 CFW v2 2.5+
Rage BLES01378 BLUS30485 Yes Yes See Note 11/16/11 20.48 Internal, discless & rebug on 2.4 TB update and lower ONLY. MI 7674 MB. Delete USRDIR/base/(language).streamed that isn't your language (NOT stream.resources), USRDIR/base/video/loadvideo_french.bik (if not needed) & USRDIR/mp (entire folder) to gain up to 7GB.
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One BCES001141 BCUS98175 Yes Yes Yes 12/03/11 15.80 MI 2466MB. Delete the 43 "3d_fmv" folders in USRDIR/built/movies folder (if not playing in 3D) & in built/movies folders _jp folders to gain 4.5GB of space
Rayman Origins BLES01386 BLUS30836 No Yes Yes 11/23/11 4.10  
Record of Agarest War Zero BLUS30686 Yes Yes Yes 12/03/11 13.97  
Red Faction: Armageddon BLES00991 BLUS30585 Yes Yes Yes 11/22/11 5.44 MI 1962 MB.
Resistance 3 BR N/A No No   34.90  
Rugby World Cup 2011 BLES01358 Yes Yes Yes 1/25/12 2.30 CFW v2 update 2.5+ only
Rune: Factory Tides of Destiny BLUS30759 Yes Yes Yes 12/07/11    
Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle BLES01421 ? ? ? 3/19/12 6.50 CFW v2 update 2.5+ only
Saint Seiya Senki BLJS10152 Yes Yes Yes 12/10/11 6.40 MI 3673.
Saint's Row The Third BLES01342 Yes Yes Yes 11/24/11 6.71 Won't work with some 3rd party controllers, but it does work with sony controller. MI 4035 MB.
Sengoku Basara 3 Utage BLJM60389 Yes Yes ? 12/25/11 11.20 v2.4+ only
Sengoku Musou 3 Empires BLJM60990 Yes Yes ? 12/10/11    
Shadow of the Damned BLES01276 BLUS30653 No Yes Yes 11/20/11 6.19 MI None.
Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Moushouden BLAS50413
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