PS3Key USB модчип за Sony PlayStation 3.Оригинален модчип в антистатична опаковка и сериен номер доказващ произход.Гаранция 6 месеца.

PS3Key вече работи и с конзоли с версия на фърмуера 3.50.За целта използвайте инструкцията за даунгрейд.

PS3Key вече работи и с конзоли с версия на фърмуера 3.55.За целта използвайте тази инструкция за даунгрейд.

  • USB Plug and Play solution that installs in seconds without any need to open up the PS3.
  • Does not break your warranty seal.
  • Compatible with all PS3 models*, both Fat and Slim.
  • Supports all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA.
  • Fully updatable via USB on your PC using an encrypted bootloader
  • 32KB onboard flash (most competing products only have 16KB flash)
  • Disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.
  • Supports most games and homebrew applications.
  • Easy-to-use software for backing up, managing, and playing games from external USB Hard Drive.
  • Playing games from HDD is much more enjoyable, benefiting from greatly enhanced seek and loading times.
  • Supports installing homebrew application on PS3 and external USB media.
  • Optionally PS3Key can be supplied with an "open" firmware which does not support backup loading. Users would then have to download a firmware update for PS3Key to get full functionality.
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